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  N. Prainetr   T. Seetawan    A. Vora-ud     M. Horprathum


Thermoelectric Properties of Ag-Sb-Te Thin Film and its Electrical Power Generation

This research was operated by Mrs. Natchanun Prainetr under advisors with Assoc. Prof. Dr.Tosawat Seetawan, Dr. Athorn Vora-ud, and Dr.Mati Horprathum. She received a Ph.D. of Physics from Sakon Nakon Rajabhat University in 2020 within 2 ISI publications (J. Elect. Mater. 49, 572-577 and Phys. B. 582, 411977-5). Now, she was come back to working at Nakhon Phanom University with the position of Assistant Professor. In this research, the Ag-Sb-Te (AST) thin film was successfully fabricated on a flexible polyimide substrate by using the DC magnetron sputtering method from the AgSbTe (AST) target. The uni-leg AST thin film thermoelectric modules of 5 elements were fabricated. The thermal annealing induced the change of thermoelectric characteristic of the thin film from p-type material (300 – 350 oC) to n-type material (400 – 450 oC) through the change in structures (amorphous to crystalline, the atomic composition ratio, and the surface roughness, etc.). The highest power factor was 0.97 mW/m/K2 and 0.065 mW/m/K2 for p-type and n-type, respectively. The maximum power generation of the uni-leg AST thin film thermoelectric module was approximately 0.88 nW for p-type and 0.54 nW for n-type, with a temperature difference of around 20 K.









Full Paper:

1) N. Prainetr et al. (2020) J. Elect. Mater. 49, 572-577.

2) N. Prainetr et al. (2020) Phys. B. 582, 411977-5.