Curriculum Information

Master of Science Program in Physics

Full name: Master of Science (Physics)
Short name: M.Sc. (Physics)
This curriculum develops the potential of physicists to have in-depth physics knowledge. We focus on research in depth physics, adding teaching personnel, researching, helping society and the nation, and continuing higher education in physics filed.
To produce M.Sc. Physics:
1. Have in-depth physics knowledge
2. Have the ability to research physics with international quality equivalent
3. Have moral, mental, scientific and have a good conscience for the development of society, science and technology of the country

Doctor of Philosophy (Physics)

Full name: Doctor of Philosophy (Physics)
Short name: Ph.D. (Physics)
This curriculum focuses on excellence in physics, research, creating new knowledge, and technology with the international quality equivalent. Ph.D. Physics have quality, morality, skill, transfer knowledge and exchange knowledge with the community.
1. To produce Ph.D. for excellence in physics with novel knowledge and technology
2. To enable Ph.D. to do research, present and publish research at the international level and with the ethics of researchers
3. To enable Ph.D. to have a vision, advance, creative thinking, work alone and be a group, have morality and ethics, have skills in transferring knowledge and exchange knowledge with the community.