A paper published in Chemical Engineering Journal 2023 (New high impact factor for SNRU)

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A paper published in Chemical Engineering Journal 2023 (New high impact factor for SNRU)

A paper that Assoc. Prof. Dr.Athorn Vora-ud (A. Vora-ud, et al.) has been published  in Chemical Engineering Journal (Impact Factor: 16.744; Q1, Elsevier Press). The paper is entitled “Transparent-flexible thermoelectric module from In/Ga co-doped ZnO thin films“. This work is co-laboratory between Thailand teams (SNRU: A. Vora-ud, S. Thoawankeaw, M. Insawang and T. Seetawan (Professor); NSTDA: P. Muthitamongkol and M. Horprathum), Vietnam team (VNU: A.T.T. Pham, D.C. Truong, H.T. Lai, T.B.N. Le, N.M.Q. Tran, T.B. Phan (Professor)), India (OSIR: M. Kumar), Korea (PNU: S. Park (Professor)) and USA (NU: G.J. Snyder (Professor)).

Abstract: Transparent-flexible thermoelectric thin films have immense potential as power supplies for future small-sized consumer electronics, the internet of things, and wearable devices. Here, we report the thermoelectric properties of dual Ga and In doped ZnO films (IGZO) deposited on a polyimide substrate with post-thermal treatment in vacuum along with fabricating 4-unileg flexible IGZO thermoelectric devices. All the as-deposited and annealed IGZO films are the preferred (002) orientation and under tensile stress. The post-thermal treatment controls the dopant substitution/diffusion in the host ZnO lattice affecting the film crystallinity, residual stress, and thermoelectric properties. Among the films, the IGZO film annealed at 250 ◦C has the best power factor of 16.9 μWm−1 K−2 with the largest crystal size, lowest tensile stress, highest carrier concentration, and lowest density-of-state effective mass. The practical application of flexible IGZO films was also reported via a 4-unileg-IGZO films thermoelectric module, which achieved an output power about 3.2 nW at ΔT = 120 K.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cej.2023.142954

Link: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1385894723016856

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