Congratulations!! A paper published in Thin Solid Films

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A paper that Dr. Athorn Vora-ud is a first and corresponding author, has been accepted to publish in Thin Solid Films (Impact Factor: 1.888; Q2, Elsevier Press). The paper is entitled  “Rapid thermal annealing induced the c-axis (00 l) preferred orientation and the p-type thermoelectric properties of Bi-Sb-Te thin films”. A. Vora-ud, S. Thaowonkaew,     J. Khajonrit, K. Singsoog, P. Muthitamongkol, C. Chananonnawathorn, N. Chanlek, M. Horprathum, S. Maensiri and T. Seetawan. (2020) Thin Solid Films, 706: 138094-5.